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Euro 2016 Preparations and Post Season Events

It is special year for European football- isn't it? How about this few facts and 2016 events that prove there is something special about Football this year:

- First of all in May 2016 Diamond Football is 20 and you can buy our products direct online :-) 

but being serious check these:


Events and special moments in European Football - Spring 2016
- La Liga or as anyone calls it La Primera Division clubs totally dominated European Cups competitions! In fact, they had a great campaign and even before the final of the Champions League at San Siro stadium in Milan on Saturday 28/05/2016 we know they will scoop out between themselves all European trophies this year!
- EURO 2016 for a very first time we have in the Final tournament in France 24 Teams competing for a trophy - up to 2012 we had only 16 teams! Even more extraordinary is the fact that we have three home nations teams in the Tournament with England and Wales competing in this same Group B and Northern Ireland in Group C.

- In March FIFA's president Gianni Infantino announced approval for trials in video technology to offer live aid for referees in off-side and other controversial situations. You could see the game becoming fair. Tragicomical situations as during Sunday's friendly Turkey 1 - 2  England when Turkey's coach Fatih Terim showed the referee Kane's offside goal on his phone would disappear for good.
- After incredible season, Leicester City FC is for a very first-time Premier League Champions with Ranieri in his 27th year of coaching they gave him the first major league champion title

- Manchester United in the European Cup next season must go through the Group stages to get Qualified to the last 32 of the Europa League! It is the fir

st time since 1996 they won't take part in the Champion's League! 
And finally: 
- Premier League press conferences will be flamboyant again! Louis van Gaal got sacked today there is a chance by the end of the week we will have Jose Mourinho as a manager @Old Trafford! We present Jose in a new outfit ;-) . 


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