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Football Mannequins with Bases

Mannequin Base - Rubber
Fits all Diamond Mannequins
Mannequin Trolley
Carries up to 5 mannequins.

Football Mannequins are the perfect piece of training equipment for practising free kicks, corners and shooting and this is why they are so widely used by professional and amateur clubs and schools from across the UK.


At Diamond Football, we have a selection of mannequins available for you to choose from that will help take your players’ skills to the next level. Alongside the mannequins, you will also need bases to keep the mannequins in place while you are running through the drill and to allow you to take them onto different surfaces.


While our mannequins and bases are sold separately, we do stock an array of foam and air football mannequins with bases for you to choose from, as well as a mannequin trolley. Read on to discover some of the items we have available.


Football mannequins that come with bases


The Diamond Mannequin Trolley allows you to put up to five mannequins on it. This base means it can be used on hard courts or astroturf. Mannequins including a trolley are perfect for practising free kicks.


We also stock a range of foam mannequins. These mannequins come with a water fillable base, meaning you can use them indoors or outside.


Or how about one of our air mannequins? These mannequins come supplied with two rubber bases, one suitable for water and one for sand, depending on your preference.


Football mannequin bases


The most cost-effective option is to purchase one of our pro free-kick mannequins or skeleton mannequins and pick up separately one of our mannequin rubber bases which are simple and easy to attach.


Our mannequin rubber bases enable Diamond Mannequins to be used indoors, on astroturf or any other hard surfaces. They will fit any of our mannequins and they allow your players to continue to work on drills throughout the winter months if the pitches are too wet to train on.


What can football mannequins be used for?


Set pieces are a vital part of today’s game and to help get the most out of your players a football mannequin is a very wise investment. They are ideal for setting up free kick walls and practicing corners, helping you to rehearse tactics and situations.


Mannequins can also be used for recreating other match scenarios during training, such as placing defenders around a penalty box. Goalkeepers, in particular, can find mannequins particularly useful during practice sessions.


Buy football mannequins with bases today


With Diamond Football’s selection of football training equipment and football accessories, coaches and players will have everything they need for training sessions and games.


Pick up one of our football mannequins with bases today, or browse the other great football products we have available.

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