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Football First Aid Kits and Bags

Medical Bag
Complete medical kit included
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Junior Medical Bag
With complete first aid kit
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Standard Medical Kit Refill
Essentials for your medical bag
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First Aid Kit Pro with Freeze Spray
Pro Medical Kit
With Freeze Spray, and Foil Blanket
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Medical Bag Empty
Many compartments and pockets
Ice Pack
Box of 20, single use
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Pre Wrap Cohesive Tape

Elasticated cohesive bandage


About our football first aid kits


Football is a physical game and, as such, injuries happen. Whether from a bad tackle, clash of heads, catching an elbow, or a pulled muscle, you can’t avoid accidents, and it is, therefore, necessary to look after injured players. With Diamond Football’s selection of football first aid kits and bags, you can do just that.


Football medical bag


For a truly comprehensive football first aid kit, our Diamond Football medical bag is the way to go. You will never be caught wanting with this extensive range of FA standard supplies, all contained in one polyester carry bag. You can keep everything organised with its separate compartments and zipped pockets. There are two options available, the standard and pro football first aid kit, each with a different selection of medical supplies.


Football first aid bag


If you don’t need the supplies but just a new bag to store your first-aid kit in, then our empty medical bag is sold separately and will be a long-lasting solution for your team.


Football first aid kit refill


For football teams who need to refill their supplies, we have a number of options. Our standard medical kit has everything from scissors and gloves to bandages and wipes. Our pro medical kit includes over 45 items, including ice packs, freeze sprays, foil blankets, and bandages. It’s the perfect first-aid kit for football teams.


Ice packs for sports injuries


Ice packs are ever-present in any football team’s medical kit. So, consider our box of 20 single-use ice packs for sports injuries, helping to keep your stores full ahead of training sessions and matchdays.


Youth football first aid kit


For coaches of junior football teams, our junior medical bag is the ideal youth football first aid kit and will help take care of your players. Coming in a polyester carry bag with zips and compartments, the bag comes filled with Diamond Football’s standard medical kit.


What should be in a football first-aid kit?


- Scissors

- Safety pins

- Foil blanket

- Latex gloves

- Bandages

- Wipes


What is the basic football first aid?


The basic football first aid depends on the situation and the injury of the player. However, sprains and strains are among the most common football injuries and the best way to treat them is to apply an icepack to reduce swelling and to rest the injury in a comfortable raised position.


Are first-aid kits worth it?


First-aid kits are an essential part of any team or coach’s supplies. Not only are the medical supplies helpful in treating inevitable injuries, but a proper first aid kit will also help keep all your medical equipment together in one place.


Buy football first-aid kits today


Shop with us today to get the first aid and medical supplies you need. As well as our range of football first-aid kits and bags, we also offer many other important football products.


With Diamond Football’s massive collection of football training equipment and football accessories, coaches and players will be fully prepared for games and training sessions. From football mannequins to flat markers, Diamond Football has you covered.

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