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Football cones

Set of 50, assorted colours
Flat Markers
Set of 10, assorted colours
Set of 20, assorted colours
Superdomes™ Purple
Set of 20 large cones on a hanger
Traffic Cones
Assorted colours and prices
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About our range of football cones


At Diamond Football, we have a wide variety of football cones and field markers available, perfect for all types of football training sessions.


The best football cones on the market, our markers come in a range of shapes, sizes, and bright colours. An essential piece of training equipment, our cones provide numerous options to help you get the best of out of each and every training session.


From flat markers to traffic cones, it’s all here at Diamond Football. Browse our range of football cones above or keep reading for more information.


Spacemarkers & flat markers


Spacemarkers are a staple of any football coaching session. Raised slightly off the ground, these football training cones are a clear marker for use in a variety of training drills, without being too obtrusive. These spacemarkers come in packs of 50, with both multicolour and single colour sets available.


We also have flat markers available, a versatile field marker that allows footballs to roll over them. Our flat markers are also available in a mini variety, made out of rubber, for even more options when it comes to training sessions.


Traffic cones


The Diamond traffic cones are perfect for agility drills and marking out goals in small training matches. These classic football marker cones are a great addition to any training kit, allowing coaches to clearly mark out areas of the training pitch and organise sessions.


How to use cones in football training?


There are numerous ways to put football cones into action during a training session. For example:

  • Players can practice dribbling between the cones.
  • Players can pass through the cones to improve passing accuracy.
  • Players can practice quick footwork by running through the cones in a ladder pattern.
  • Players can improve their ball control by learning to trap the ball between a marked area.
  • Players can practice shooting by targeting the cones.
  • Cones can be used to mark positions on the field to improve strategy and tactics.
  • Cones can divide up the pitch for separating different drills, sessions, and training matches.

Buy football cones today


Whatever type of football cone you need, Diamond Football is here to help. We are the experts when it comes to football training equipment and supply our gear to every single Premier League team. Shop with us today or get in touch for any enquiries.

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