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Football Accuracy Training

Passing Arcs

Plastic with 2 metal spikes

Set of 50, assorted colours
Duo Mannequin Yellow
Adjustable sizes
Mini Air Mannequin


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Air Mannequin Red
High performance football training
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Mini Free Kick Mannequin
Grassroots Training 4ft Manneqin
Duo Mannequin Red
Adjustable sizes
Duo Mannequin Orange
Adjustable sizes
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Mannequin Trolley
Carries up to 5 mannequins.
Mannequin Base - Rubber
Fits all Diamond Manneqins
Mannequin Bag
Holds 5 mannequins (Pro or Club)
Diamond Multi Bounce Board
A true wall pass
9x6 Rebounder

Powder coated frame

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Quick Rebounder
With netting and toggles 1m sq.
Goalkeeper Rebound Trainer

White metal tubing including net

Double Rebounder
Two different rebounds!
2m Pro Rebound Board
Wall-like returns
Stringed Rebounder
Adjustable angle
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