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Football Pitchside Equipment

Foldable Bench
6 seater bench
Pitchside Shelter
2.1m height, made of Aluminium
Enquire for details
Football Respect Barriers
60m and 100m, FA Standard

At Diamond Football we don’t just have equipment that is for on the pitch, we also have equipment that you can buy which is for pitchside.

From the Premier League down to Sunday League, football pitchside equipment is a necessity at all levels of football. Miscellaneous equipment as diverse as spectator barriers, foldable benches and shelters are some of the items we can offer to clubs from across the country.

The FA's National Ground Grading rules means that some pitchside equipment is now something that clubs all over the country must provide.

A Pitchside Shelter is something that is now a must for all clubs at all levels, but it is also beneficial to your team as it will help keep the subs and coaches warm and dry when the weather is bad.

Another essential pitchside piece of equipment that is needed, according to the FA’s National Ground Grading rules, is that as a minimum, there must be post and rope surrounding the pitch on all those sides that may be occupied by spectators. If you are in need of this at your club, then you can take a look at our Respect Barrier as these easy fix outdoor posts are affordable and at 1m high, they are perfect for men, women or youth team games.

Another popular piece of pitchside football equipment is our Foldable Benches. With Diamond Football you can buy these 6 seat touchline benches that subs, coaches or spectators can use and get a bag come with them so you can easily transport them for games.

If you are looking for more pitchside equipment, then with Diamond Football’s wide variety of football accessories, we have you covered. You can look at anything from football substitute boards to our medical bags to find what you need.

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