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Wheeled Soccer Tennis
Top end equipment for clubs
Pro Cone Ladder
10 cones and 5 poles with carry bag
Enquire for details
Speed Agility Ladders
2m, 4m, or 9m versions
Traffic Cones
Assorted colours and prices
Traffic Cone Pole Set
10 cones and 5 poles - 3 heights
Superdome Hurdle Set
20 Cones and 10 poles
Hurdle Bag
Holds 10 (hurdles not included)
Round Rung Ladder
4m ladder with carry bag
Flat Hoop Set
Ideal for traveling coach
Digital Stopwatch
Essential for coaches.
Electric Compressor Pump
Powerful and quick inflate/deflate action
Football Pressure Gauge
Easy to use and accurate
Coaches Tactic Folder

Faux black leather cover with magnetic whiteboard included and pitch lined note pad

Speed Chutes
Football fitness and speed training
Escape Belts
Opponents marking importance
Indoor Passing Arc
Great for hard floor training grounds
Agility Hurdles
Various sizes, sold in singles
Passing Arcs

Plastic with 2 metal spikes

Raised Speed Hoops
Useful for different training and warm up exercises
Boundary Poles
1.7m in various colours
Reactive Medicine Balls
  • Reinforced rubber with weighted bladder
Safety 4 Metre Ladder

Plastic with nylon webbing

High Soccer Tennis
Quick to setup sold with carry bag
Indoor Fitness Ladder
4m soft rubber
Self Righting Hurdle
Set of 5 with carry bag included
Foldable Bench
6 seater bench
Ice Pack
Box of 20, single use
Enquire for details
4ft x 2ft Target Goal
Junior plastic target goal
Medical Bag
Complete medical kit included
Ball Carry Case
Holds 6 size 5
Players Bag
Various sizes
Ball Carry Net
Holds 10-12 Size 5
Ball Carry Sack
Holds 10-12 Size 5
Bib Carry Bag
Mesh, can be placed in washing machine with bibs
Easi Goals
Various sizes
Coaching Goals
Sold individually. 4x2, 4x3, 5x4 or 8x4 Prices from £27.99
Net Carry Bag
For a pair of full size nets
Weighted Pole Base
1kg and made out of rubber
Deluxe Holdall
Various colours
Flip Chart
Pack of 20 sheets
Standard Medical Kit Refill
Essentials for your medical bag
Enquire for details
Junior Medical Bag
With complete first aid kit
Set of 50, assorted colours
Spring Loaded Boundary Pole
Flexible poles in yellow or orange
Boundary Pole Bag
12-30 Poles capacity
Mannequin Trolley
Carries up to 5 mannequins.
  • Metal
Enquire for details

Football’s a thirsty sport, no matter if it’s a training session or on matchday. You can’t expect to get the best out of your players without keeping them hydrated, so take a look at Diamond Football’s great selection of water bottles, perfect for refreshing the team.

For a simple option, Diamond Football’s 75cl yellow water bottle is an easy choice. These excellent bottles can be purchased individually or in handy sets of 10 with a black bottle cage and easy-grip handle. Going for a set like this makes gassing up the players easier on matchday and during train sessions.

Opting for our team bottle set with larger 1-litre drinks bottles and non-contact lids, as well as moulded black bottle cage, makes training sessions and matchday easy and hygienic.

For the most organised of coaches, you could consider picking up some of our Squad Numbered Water Bottle Tags. This is a set of blue elasticated bottle ID numbers, allowing specific drinks bottles to be set aside for individual players in your squad.

If you are all set for bottles, our folding bottle cages are a must for any team. Holding eight or 10 bottles, this is a sturdy and professional option for bringing drinks onto the field. The cage also has a fold-down mechanism for easy storage when not in use.

With Diamond Football’s extensive range of training equipment and football accessories, players, managers, and coaches can enhance their skills and prepare professionally for matchday. From tactic boards to junior target goals, Diamond Football has you covered.


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