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Are Gadgets Needed to beat our Mannequins

On Monday our Club Mannequin featured this week on the Gadget Show and came up against Ortis Deley who almost needed technology to get past it!

To begin with Ortis tried his luck against three of our club mannequins and only just managed to beat them (kicking one over in the process).

Next he tried dribbling through them to get the adrenaline flowing for his next attempt of trying to beat our mannequins, where with the help of technology he succeeded (twice).

Looking ahead Ortis needed a lot of improvement, so Ortis then visited Loughborough university sports department. To get some advice on his kicking technique and how to encompass more power into his shooting.

He then tried his new technique against one of Loughborough Universities Goalies however, even the mannequin training and Loughborough University couldn't help Ortis after he scored just one out of five penalties.

So he turned to even more technology, bringing in a kicking robot which kicks at 130mph to try and beat Loughborough Dynamo FC 1st team GK Alex Pycock. The machine scored three out of the five penalties winning the challenge for Ortis. However, Pycock managed to pull out a nice save for one of the machines powerful shots.

To View Ortis and his challenge visit the gadget show page here . We think Ortis definitely needs to work on his dead ball technique.

Do you need technology to beat one of our mannequins? Let us know on twitter or film yourself  training with our mannequins and share it with us for your chance to win our Fit for the Match competition.

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