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Argentina vs Nigeria

There is no denying that this was an incredible game from both sides, and it certainly did not disappoint with an extremely dramatic start to the first and second half. However, despite Nigeria's 3-2 defeat, both teams have qualified for the last 16 of the World Cup.

Within just three minutes of the whistle, Lionel Messi scores Argentina's first incredible goal. It was an excellent effort from Angel Di Maria as he aimed for the goal, but after hitting the post, Messi wasted no time in smashing it back in.

Nonetheless, before Argentina had any time to let their adrenaline levels and celebrations die down, Nigeria - the reigning African Champions - proved that they were not going any where without a fight. Just 80 seconds after Messi's score, Ahmed Musa stepped up to the plate, opening himself up to the goal and scoring his team a fantastic goal!

Nigeria had certainly tempered the crowd with this amazing retaliation, and even Argentina were cheering for that unanticipated goal - the entire stadium was buzzing.

After this unbelievable, fast-moving start to the game, there was not much point-making for a while. Although commentators joked that this game was Messi vs Nigeria, there was clear team work within Argentina, especially towards their first goal.

Nearing the end of this first half, Messi was presented with two opportunities to score Argentina's second goal with 2 free kicks. The first was perfectly executed, but Nigeria's goal keeper - Vincent Enyeama - protected his goal wonderfully, just stopping the ball from going in the top corner. However, Messi was not going to miss twice in a row. At 45+1', Lionel Messi scored a sensational free kick, leaving the first half at 2-1 to Argentina.

The beginning of the second half did not dissatisfy either, as just 2 minutes in (at 47'), Musa strikes again, fighting back with Nigeria's second point. Despite this insane effort from Musa, Argentina instantly responds, just 3 minutes later with their third and final goal of the game from Rojo - which was excellently delivered - and concluded the game early on. Argentina were the clear winners of this game, but both teams have made it to the top 16 of the World Cup.

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If you would like to keep track of your team at the World Cup take a look at our World Cup resource centre.

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