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Brazil World Cup Kicks Off

Yesterday the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil starting with Brazil vs Croatia. Both teams had their fair share of chances but Brazil came out on top winning the game 3-1 with Brazil golden boy Neymar scoring twice.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup, begun with Ole Ola from Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, the game then kicked off shortly after with all the Brazil players singing their national anthem passionately.

The Brazil players started the game with high pressure and intensity against Croatia. Although this seemed to back fire after Marcelo scored an own goal in the 11th minute. 

Notably this was caused by Brazil's lack of formation control, as the Brazil players moved around every where leaving huge gaps which Croatia were able to exploit. However, this unusual playing style paid off after Neymar scored with a good finish for Brazil's first goal.

Later in the game Brazil were given a hugely controversial penalty after Fred was "Barely touched" in the box. Of course Neymar scored sending the game to 2-1. Wonder kid Oscar scored Brazil's third after a shot from the edge of the 18 yard box.

Overall the game summed up the passion and excitement for the World Cup and showed that Brazil are going for Gold in this tournament.

If you want to get involved and follow your team during the World Cup, visit our World Cup resource centre.

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