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Does Pride Really Matter?

When Hodgson announced "When the national anthem comes up it's an obvious one for me we sing it". He was trying to instil a sense of pride in both players and fans but will pride affect England's World Cup results?

Pride has been one of the biggest debates in International Football and although fans like to see it, will it really affect England's results at the World Cup?

At the previous World Cup many fans felt the players lacked pride during their performances. Most players seemed to turn up, get paid and go home with no real sense of playing for England. 

To convince already disgruntled fans some players didn't sing the national anthem, unlike some other teams which sung their own passionately.

Roy Hodgson has vowed to change this, by encouraging all his players and staff to sing the national anthem. Alongside this Hodgson has also chosen to include players that are predicted to be more passionate (than some of their 2010 predecessors) especially for those going into their first World Cup (namely Lambert, Lallana). 

While Footballing ability is important, we think pride in playing for and representing your country can see teams win games which in turn encourages fans to cheer on their national side.

What are your views, do you agree that pride is important for winning or do you think pride is too overrated and that playing style and football ability win international games? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook or our Google Plus page.

If you want to follow your team at the World Cup take a look at our World Cup Resource Centre. 

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