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Diamond 1m Multi Bounce Board


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Diamond 1m Multi Bounce Board
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About our Diamond 1m Multi Bounce Board

A best seller! Now you can train like the pros! The Diamond Rebound Board for football is excellent for those wanting to practise their skills either alone or in groups. You can test your ball control and passing accuracy with this pro football rebounder.


A true bounce back every time, this rebound board for football is known and used throughout the professional leagues. There are clubs playing at the highest level that use this useful training aid including teams in the Premiership, Bundesliga, Eredivisie and La Liga.


The stands can be part filled with sand for extra weight that will mean players will get wall like returns that will test their ball control. The board has handles so that you can easily move the rebound trainer around the training ground or transport it with you if you are coaching in different areas.


The Diamond Football rebound board has been expertly designed so it can be angled to make the ball trajectories realistic. The multi-skill boards can not only be used in organised training sessions but are equally at home in the back garden and they are an effective way to improve your skills.


This rebound board for football can be bought as a single or pair of boards which is perfect if you are planning a training session with a team. The board is made from highly durable plastic and will handle the impact of a ball constantly hitting it without being damaged.


The football rebound board is available in two different sizes and can be bought in yellow, blue or red so you can match it with your team’s colours!


If you are in the market for rebound boards, you can also purchase football rebounder nets and sharpshooters from Diamond Football. Some of our most popular equipment includes the Goalkeeper Rebounder Trainer which helps test a goalkeepers handling, the Corner Shot net which is perfect for shooting practice, and the Pro Metal 1m Rebounder which is great for honing your passing skills.


This rebound board is a pro club favourite! Available in 2 sizes and an assortment of colours.


What can football rebound boards be used for?


A rebound board for football can be used in a variety of ways during a training session and here are just a few examples of why this is a multi-skill piece of training equipment.


Improving your ball control - one of the best uses for a rebound board is to help improve your touch. By standing up-close to the board and hitting the ball off the hard surface it will test your ball control.


Improves your passing accuracy – if you are a coach and want to run a drill that aims to improve your players passing accuracy or you are a player that wants to work on your passing when you are at home, an easy way to do this is to place a rebound board and aim to hit it with your passes. You can start up-close and slowly move further away to test how good your passing really is.


Shooting – to improve your shooting, you can organise a drill where you play a one-two off of the rebound board and then shoot at a goal. This helps to replicate a real game situation.



  • Great for various types of training whether alone or in a group
  • Easy to move around a field due to its handles
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