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What is the Southampton Press?

So far this season, Southampton have astounded many rivals and now find themselves in fifth position. Pundits are claiming their success is down to something called the Southampton Press.

Southampton are playing like Barcelona! Well, atleast tactically they are.

There have been a few unexpected success stories so far this season - but none more so than last term's relegation-battlers Southampton. The coastal side find themselves in fifth place with 18 points from nine games.

So, what is the secret behind their early success? Something that pundits, the media and fans have dubbed the Southampton Press.

The Southampton Press is the name given to the way in which Pochettino's men put pressure on opponents in order to regain possession of the ball when it is lost.

Similarly to Barcelona's "6 second rule", the whole team (including forwards) close down their opponents to force errors so that they are in possession as soon possible.

It is a tiresome and unglamorous tactic that depends on fierce dedication from the whole team. However when executed correctly, teams are able to reap the awards and enjoy a lot of possession.

Pundits have commented that to execute this tactic to almost perfection each week, The Saints must be amongst the fittest teams in Premier League. This is why other teams have not copied them - simply because their players are not fit enough.

An extremely continental way of playing, the backbone the Southampton team is English... And many national fans would not mind seeing The Three Lions play like that in the near future.

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