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Diamond Football Bottle Cage features on Soccer AM

Did you spot the Diamond Football Bottle Cages on Soccer AM last Saturday? The equipment appeared in the King of the Academy section during the show, which took part at Millwall.

 We are pleased to report that Diamond Football’s water bottle carriers made an appearance on Soccer AM on Saturday morning.

The Water Bottle Cages featured during the King of the Academy section of the show - used in one of the exercises that tests the ability of youth players. This week it took place at Millwall.

The challenge was for the Millwall boys to run to each of the four cones that were set out, pick up a water bottle and place it in their water carriers. The first one to get all their bottles in their carrier and reach the end cone was the winner.

Diamond Football equipment has featured on TV many times - and are set to make further appearances in the coming months. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

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