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Battle of Britain: England vs. Scotland preview

The Battle of Britain will take place tonight as England prepare to take on Scotland at Wembley. Although it is a friendly, you can rest assured that this will be very competitive.

Tonight, at Wembley Stadium, England will take on Scotland in not-so-friendly game that many have dubbed 'The Battle of Britain'.

Interest in international friendlies have descreased by shed-loads over the past few years. But this is the first time the two neighbouring countries have met for 14 years, so the little bit of excitement surrounding this match is understandable.

The interest in this game may not be for footballing reasons, however - as Scotland's international embarrassment in recent years has made England look like world-beaters... well almost.

No, the reason why people are getting a little giddy about this game is the deep, passionate rivalry between the two nations - in everything from politics, war, Hadrian's Wall and, of course, sport.

It goes without saying that the home side are firm favourites to come out as victors. For Scotland, though, this is an opportunity to slay a giant and claim bragging rights over their Southern cousins.

Support for Scotland will be stellar. The Tartan Army will make sure that their presence is felt within the ground's walls.

With support from their devout countrymen, along with facing a side with a lot of pressure to see this through and make it look easy, there is a very real possibility of Scotland securing a historic win.

Whatever happens, we are in for a very competitive game...


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