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Does anyone actually want Suarez?

After the latest controversy surrounding the Uruguay star, it has left many wondering whether having someone like Suarez at a club is really worth it. Do Liverpool still want him and would Arsenal take him?

Yesterday Luis Suarez's latest public outburst against current club Liverpool was widely reported upon and publicised.

Quite obviously and as expected, there was a massive outcry and backlash from Liverpool fans against the striker after he claimed his club had "broken their word". It seemed for the first time that the general consensus amongst Kop fans was that they finally wanted shot of him.

There has also been a change in mood from inside Liverpool in regards to the disruptful star, as he was ordered to train alone. Could Liverpool be ready to call it quits and cash in on Suarez?

Now, many would expect this shift in stance from Liverpool and their fans on the Suarez situation to trigger alarm bells at Arsenal. Yet it has not.

Arsenal, the club, have remained silent on the matter and are yet to make an improved offer on the £40m + £1 they made earlier this summer. The fans, however, have been more vocal - many have stated they do not want a player like Suarez at The Emirates due to all the trouble he brings with him.

Another early player in the saga was Real Madrid, after Suarez made comments about his desire to play for them. Yet Real Madrid have made no comment on the matter and are yet to make any kind of indication they are interested in signing the player.

So, that leaves the question - does anyone actually want Suarez?

There is no doubt he is a good player but is the controversy and trouble he brings with him, really worth the fuss?


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