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Should Spurs sell Bale to Real Madrid

With the player wanting to leave and a world-record fee of £85m on the table, is it time for Tottenham Hotspur and Daniel Levy to sell Gareth Bale to Real Madrid?

Much of the past few week's transfer speculation has surrounded one very special possible transfer - Gareth Bale, from Tottenham, to Real Madrid.

So far Spurs chief Daniel Levy has continued to play hard-ball, rejecting a lucrative £51m + two world-class players offer. However Real Madrid reacted with an improved offer of around £85m, and Tottenham are yet to make a comment on that bid.

This story has developed very quickly - and very strangely. First, Bale signed a new improved 5-year deal with Spurs and looked set to stay. Then he said he wanted to speak with Madrid. Madrid made an offer, got rejected, and then made a much better offer. Bale said he wanted to leave Spurs. Then Bale's parents were seen entering a meeting room with the Spur's board.

So should Tottenham Hotspur sell Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for £85m? Lets take a look at the factors.

It has been widely reported that Gareth Bale has told Tottenham he wants to leave for Madrid. Some could argue if a player wants to leave, he will never give you his all on the field. But is Bale at 80% better than no Bale at all? However, one must also take into account the fan's reaction to a player on the field that does not want to be there.

Another factor, and a major factor at that, is the money being offered by Real Madrid.  £85m is a world-record and £10m more than Ronaldo cost Real in 2009. Considering the most Spurs have ever spent on a player is £17m, with £85m could invest in some top quality talent - three or four world-class player could be added to the squad.

But one could also argue against selling the winger-come-forward. He is, in truth, Tottenham's only top, top player and almost got them into the Champion League single-handedly last season. Where will they be this season without him?

And then some will argue that with £85m to spend, Tottenham could bring in an array of stars and build a Champions League side. The problem with that is; with no Champions League football and no Bale, will it be that easy for Spurs to attract those type of players?

You can consider all these factors in great detail and still come up with no real answer to what they should do. However it does seem like Real Madrid and Spurs are close to some solution to the saga - and news should be announced in due course.

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