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Watermelon vs Football: Twitter followers decide competition prize

We have allowed our Twitter followers to decide what the prize will be for this week's #WinADiamond competition. The choice is between a FIFA approved Edge Match Ball or a ripe, succulent watermelon.

Yesterday Diamond Football gave our Twitter followers the opportunity to choose this weekend's #WinADiamond competition prize.

The choices? Option A - a FIFA approved Edge Match Ball. Or option B - a ripe and succulent watermelon.

We posted a tweet (from our @fitforfootball profile) entitled #WatermelonVSFootball. For the prize to be a watermelon you Retweet, and to vote for the football you need to Favourite the post.

The football has sailed into the lead... but is only 7 votes in front of the watermelon, so all could change.

Twitter followers will be able to cast their vote until Thursday evening - when the votes will be tallied up. The prize will be announced on Friday morning.

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