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David Moyes to be announced Sir Alex's successor within the next 24 hours

Following the surprisingly news that Sir Alex Ferguson will retiring as manager of Manchester United next season, it has been widely reported that David Moyes is set to be announced as his successor within the next 24 hours.

Yesterday morning it was confirmed by the man and the club that Sir Alex Ferguson will be retiring from his managerial post at Manchester United at the end of the current season.

The great Scot will take a position on the United board, along as an ambassador role- joining legends like Bobby Charlton.

Manchester United have been very forthcoming with information on Fergie's retirement. Yet one question remains unanswered- who will be his successor?

As one football-changing era comes to an end this season, a new era for the club will begin at the start of the 2013/2014 season.

There have been plenty of names thrown into the pot; Mourinho, Neville, Klopp. But one stands above all others; David Moyes.

It seems he has been many peoples (along with Ferguson's) favoured choice for sometime now, after 11 years at Everton working his managerial magic.

A fellow Scot, he is a close friend of Sir Alex and shares striking similarities with 71-year-old in his authortarian-but-nuturing style, loyalty and tactical intelligence.

The Guardian online have reported that Moyes could be appointed Manchester United manager in the next 24 hours.

If Moyes does leave Everton for Manchester United, he is set to bring some of the Merseyside club's best assets wth him- including Leighton Baines. To make the transition easier, Phil Neville may also join Moyes at his old club.

Question is; if Moyes leaves and takes a few of The Toffees best players with him, where does that leave Everton?

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