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Manchester United win the Premiership

Manchester United clinched the Premiership title after their victory at Old Trafford against Aston Villa- the 20th of their history.

"He's too old," they said. "His price tag's too high," they said. "He's too big of a risk," they said. But boy, Robin van Persie has proved the doubters wrong.

In a game where he scored a 33 minute hatrick (his second, a candidate for goal of the season), the flying Dutchman that wears 20 delivered The Red Devils their 20th title. In doing so, he etched his name into Manchester United's illustrious history. By scoring his three goals, van Persie regained his place from the disgraced Luis Suarez as the leading Premiership goalscorer for the season.

But do not get us wrong, the praise should not bestowed solely upon Robin van Persie. His United teammates have been awesome at times and given the ex-Gunner player a brilliant platform to showcase his talent. At times, Manchester United's attack has been undefendable, their defense unbreakable, but one word sums up their season- consistent.

Whilst many of their old rivals have fallen by the wayside after a shock defeat, United have dusted themselves off and got on with the seeming not-so-garganic task of winning the Premiership. It could be said, they have made it look easy.

Many will say that if United's bitter local rivals, Manchester City, had signed van Persie in the Summer then it would be them who had both hands on the trophy. But you can not be sure- would City's superstars (and super egos) welcomed Robin as happily as the United players have?

Many of United's starmen have had to play second fiddle to Fergie's new best player, this season- and most have done it without any resentment. Noone more so than Wayne Rooney, who is looking an even better player as the link between midfield and the forwards he has played towards the end of the season- a great example of this being his masterfully lofted pass that set up van Persie's second.

Manchester United have been a team able to win without van Persie too. Just remember a couple weeks ago, the Dutchman could not score for toffee yet United continued to surge forward.

In whole, United have shown a brilliant team spirit after last season's heart-breaking conclusion and Robin van Persie's inclusion into the fold has given them that extra spark.

All in all, deserved winners.

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