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Five Club Legends

A list of the 5 greatest club legends in footballing history, from the Premier League and abroad.

What does it take to become a club legend?

Talent, ability, a appreciation for the fans and your teammates are all traits that go a long way when aspiring to secure legendary status.

However, the one trait that all club legends have in abundance is loyalty. A dying characteristic, not found in many modern-day footballers.

Every man named on this list has stuck with his team through thick and thin. Most's talents have exceeded those of his clubs, yet they have stayed.

Here is our list of footballing gods, whose name is now etched into the very genetics of their beloved club.

Ryan Giggs

The term 'legend' seems to have been bestowed upon Giggs for the past five seasons or so. But the Welshman is still playing for Manchester United. He has experienced the (mostly) highs and (rare) lows of the Red Devil's fortune for the past 20 years. He is not only a Man U legend, but the Premiership's greatest ever player.

Francesco Totti

The great Italian striker celebrates his 20th year in Serie A on Thursday- and for all that time he has remained at one club, Roma. Despite interest from European giants throughout his career, Totti has stayed loyal to the club that gave him his debut at 16.  Along with being one of the greatest Italian footballers of all time, he is a club legend in the truest form.

Matt Le Tissier

Referred to as 'Le God' by Saints fans. Le Tissier is to Southampton, what Totti is to Roma. Both men could have easily advanced their individual careers because their talents were so superior to their club teammates, yet they chose to stay loyal to the club. Le Tissier's despair at the Adkin's sacking this season shows his love for So'ton remains intact.

Jamie Carragher

Often overshadowed by close friend Steven Gerrard, Carragher is a true Liverpool legend. His long career has seen him have to battle for his place, endure long periods of injury and be labelled as an 'under-achiever'. However, after announcing his intentions of retiring at the end of the season, Jamie finally got the praise he was due.

Gianluigi Buffon

Okay he's not a one club man, but has been at Juventus since 2001- after his record breaking 55m euro switch from Parma. In 2007 when Juve were relegated to Serie B after the betting scandal, many of Buffon's contemporaries swiftly jumped ship. However, Buffon stayed loyal and has now seen his beloved club return to prominence in the league and Europe.

Special mentions for: Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Steven Gerrard, Alessandro Del Piero, Xavi, Andre Iniesta & Carles Puyol.

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