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AFCON Final: Nigeria vs. Burkina Faso

As the African Cup of Nations reaches it's climax, we give a preview to Sunday's final and look back on the two finalists, Nigeria and Burkina Faso's, journey in the tournament.

There is no denying that the African Cup of Nations got off to a slow start; filled with draws and the most exciting thing that happened was a whacky keeper's goal celebration. But the action has picked up in the previous weeks.

A much needed dose of footballing quality has been supplied by three stand out teams; Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. However as proved with the final line-up (only Nigeria out of those three I mentioned have reached the last two), resilience is just as important in football than the things you can do with the ball.

On Sunday two very different teams line up against eachother in the final of the African Cup of Nations; the impressive Nigeria and the tenacious Burkina Faso. Emmanuel Emenike of Nigeria is the tournament's top scorer with four goals, in contrast Burkina Faso have scrapped into the final by either penalties or extra-time goals.

Yet there is one similarity the pair share; they have both knocked out the tournament's favourites to win on the way to the final. Nigeria beat the Ivory Coast 2 - 1 in the Quarter-Final and Burkina Faso knocked Ghana out of the tournament in the Semis in penalties.

So both teams can not be underestimated.

What will happen in the final is difficult to predict. Along with Emenike, Chelsea's Victor Moses has also shined during the tournament (although it is doubtful he will play due to an ankle injury). Burkina Faso are without any big names but they have shown their defensive capability against top sides before.

This could be a game where it is Nigeria's attacking flair versus Burkina Faso's defensive steel.

The countries met in a Group C fixture earlier in the tournament which finished 1 - 1. There is a high possibility that it could finish the same in the final- and that would mean penalties.

And there is nothing more thrilling than a penalty shoot-out in final...

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