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David Beckham to Donate Salary to Charity

Footballers get it in the neck a lot these days from the press and public. However, as David Beckham agreed to play for PSG for free by donating his salary to charity, football's image got a whole lot better.

David Beckham. The name evokes mass hysteria throughout the world. His name is seen on the front pages of newspapers as much as it appears on the back. He, for many, is the 21st Century's one true icon- the image of celebrity culture that has engulfed us in recent time. But now, we can add saint to that list of accolades.

The football community, world's press and every man, woman, child (and anyone in between) stood witness as Becks was unvieled as Paris St-Germain's newest signing in their allstar line-up. We all stood with wide-mouthed awe as Beckham uttered the words, "I won't receive any salary.".

And our complete admiration for the man grew even more when he added that his "salary will go to a local children's charity".

The fee for his five month's service to the Paris club is thought to be in excess of £1m. It is a scheme that a few of the management at PSG are already involved in- although, Beckham is the only employee to donate the whole of his salary to charity.

Along with the opportunity to help the children's charity, Beckham said that the move was also based on "footballing reasons". He will get the chance of linking up with Carlo Ancelotti again (who managed Becks at AC Milan, when he was on loan) and PSG are in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Beckham will join a foray of A Star footballing figures including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva and Ezequiel Lavezzi. The Ligue 1 leaders have spent more than £200m in the last 18 months on improving their squad. The ex-England captain stated "There's a lot of talent in this team.".

During the press conference, that was broadcasted from London to Singapore, Beckham was his usual charming self- even insisting on answering all of the journalists questions before he left. The world was wooed once again. Can the man do anything wrong?

All hail Saint David.

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