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5 Crazy Moments by Balotelli

The enigmatic Mario Balotelli looks set to be leaving Manchester City and the Premier League one way or another very soon. Here we take a look at ten crazy things the Italian has done in his short career.

Mario Balotelli is an eccentric, sulky but gifted young footballer. In his short career as a professional footballer, he has established a cult following- garnering himself the iconic title of something close to football's punk-like anti-hero. Balotelli's wild antics have made headlines on these shores and abroad.

It looks like that, finally, the board at Manchester has had enough of the Italian and are looking to send him packing back home to either AC Milan or Juventus. Although the decision is understandable, one must say that the Premier League and Manchester will be missing a big personality when Mario leaves.

Below we list Balotelli's 5 craziest moments:

Gave £1000 to a tramp

After spending the night at a Manchester casino and winning to the tune of £25,000, Balotelli spotted a tramp outside. The striker approached the man and gave him £1000 to do with what he liked.

Had to pay £10,000 in parking fines

After writing off a £120,000 Audi R8 and managing to get his other vehicles impounded 27 times, it was reported that Mario had accumalated £10,000 worth of parking fines.

Buying a trampoline instead of an ironing board

His visiting mother sent him to John Lewis to buy essentials for his house, such as an ironing board and washing up liquid. Balotelli returned with a giant trampoline, Vespa and Scalectrix. 

Picks fights with teammates

Along with trying to fight opposition such as Rio Ferdinand and Joey Barton, Balotelli has also had rows with ex-teammates like Samuel Eto'o. He fought current teammates Kompany, Boateng and Tevez- oh, and Roberto Mancini.

The Bibotelli Saga

No words can explain it.

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