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If Bradford Win The Cup...

After evoking another great Cup upset last night, many Bradford City's fans wildest dream were one step to being realised. Here, we take a look at the reaction to last nights result and evaluate what this League Cup success could mean for the League Two side.

After taking another step in their League Cup fairytale with a victory over Aston Villa, the Bradford City faithful are beginning to dream big. The League Two side who currently sit outside the play-off zone in eighth position in their division have already seein off Arsenal, and beat Villa with an inspired performance- by three goals to Villa's one.

The adrenaline rush from Bradford City's heroic semi-final first-leg victory bordered on hysteria last night. The term "If Bradford" was the top trending topic in the UK on twitter. Many users brazenly explaining the outrageous things they would do if Bradford progressed to the final- one newly-skint fellow bet all his followers £50 each before the game that Bradford had no chance of winning.

Of course there was instant talk from fans of the club about "if Bradford win the Cup, will they play in Europe next season?", without giving much thought to the collosal task of winning the Capital One Cup first. Even professional experts such as Gary Lineker pledged their allegiance to the Bradford cause, he tweeted "Bradford are on the brink of creating footballing history".

There is one man, however, who remains calm amongst this mass hysteria- Bradford boss, Phil Parkinson. Although he described last night's win as "unreal", Parkinson also acknowledged that Villa remain favourites to progress and the toughness of going to Villa Park to get a result.

Regardless of the caution that one should approach talk of Europe with, we can not deny that it is Bradford City's party time. Phil Parkinson's side have shown they have the guts and spirit to slay giants. They (along with 99% of the nation) will wish their terrific form in the Cup can continue.

Long live Bradford City's dream...

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