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Late Goals in EURO 2016 - Game Changers After 80th minute

EURO 2016 - Brace yourself for 90'+ Emotions at this year's UEFA Euro Tournament in France. We pulled some stats form the first week matches and...

It looks like if you do not have late 2nd half and added time tactics in place, you should not be there! We had 16 matches and 31 Goals during last seven days of the tournament in France. 5 of these Goals were scored between 81' and 90', and five additional were executed in Added Time! But this doesn't stop here.   These late goals were responsible six times for the last minute changes of the winner in the match! This was the case for France 2 - 1 Romania opening match, Wales 2 - 1 Slovakia England 1 - 1 Russia Spain 1 - 0 Czech Rep France 2 - 0 Albania England 2 - 1 Wales   The late master scorer here seems to be Dimitri Payet with both goals scored in the last minute of the match! In the case of the game with Romania, the Goal secured the win for France!   Up to now during the tournament in the last 12% of the time on the pitch, teams scored over 30% of all goals!  If this trend remains in place throughout the tournament together with low goals count, it may mean we are in the next stage of the European football era.   Precision and accuracy training together with fitness are the most important elements in coaching work with the future stars. How training is balanced between the ability to sustain speed over the time and to remain accurate with passes, execution of the static elements during the late part of the game are all crucial.


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