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Few Goals, But Big Consequences?

There was a lack of goals this weekend in the Premiership, but these results may be the season's most important yet.

There was a 0-0, three 1 nils, a trio of of 1 alls followed by a 2-2 draw and a 2-1. So its safe to say, that this weekend's Premier League action wont be remember for its copious amounts of goals. Suppose we were spoilt midweek...

Although there were some exciting finishes to a few games (QPR vs Reading, spring to mind) and some beautiful technical ability on show (the Suarez goal), the past weekend's football wont be rated as one of the Premiership's finest this season. However, its significance should not be underestimated. Could the games last weekend foreshadow how the season will unfold?

Lets start with the top 6 spots. Coming into this weekend, Chelsea were a point above United and City, Spurs were fourth (four points off the Manchester sides), Everton sat fifth (one point below Tottenham) and Arsenal perched on their tod at the sixth spot. Fast forward two days and the situations very different. United are a point clear of Chelsea and two of City- after an unthrilling but efficient victory over Arsenal, and both their title competitors draws. Everton have joined Spurs at fourth with a draw against Fulham, whilst the North London side lost 1-0 to Wigan. And at sixth, remain Arsenal after their defeat, but have got West Ham (Andy Carrol is pictured with some Diamond Football equipment) and Fulham for company.

So what have these games told us?

United are efficient and definitely a dominant opponent to lacklustre Arsenal. Chelsea are style over scrap- their young squad may not be ready to stick it out come the end of the season. Manchester City could be this season's underachievers. Everton are proving a force to be reckoned with- could they find themselves in the Champions League next season? And Arsenal, one could say, can not cut it with the big boys anymore- they have been outclassed by both Chelsea and United this season.

And now to the bottom of the League. Coming into the weekend, Aston Villa were right amongst the relagation battle- but with their 1-0 away victory at Sunderland, they have pulled clear of the relegation zone. So lets concentrate on those who find themselves in the relegation zone.

QPR played host to Reading at Loftus Road. Neither team have notched a win yet, this season. Their 1 all draw was definitely a fair result. But whilst watching the game on Sunday, one did wonder whether the two sides were matches for eachother in ability or just unable to take advantage of eachothers inability. At times, both the teams seemed content with the draw. They were unwilling to take the game by the scruff of the neck and grab the win, from fear of losing- it seemed. Could these two southern sides be on their way to the Championship, hand in hand?

Southampton are away at West Brom tonight. A win in The Midlands wont see the seaside club out of the relegation zone but could see a change in fortune. However, West Brom have their own incentives for a win- it would see them draw fourth place with Everton and Spurs.

Now, come to think of it, could West Brom be making their Champions League debut next season?

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