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The League Cup Greatest Ever Games?

As Arsenal cameback from the dead to triumph over Reading 5 - 7 and Chelsea beat United in 9 goal thriller, has the League Cup just seen it's greatest ever week?

Yesterday, the Arsenal found themselves 4 goals down after 40 minutes; fans and pundits, alike, were already calling it the Gunners worse performance ever. Then Theo Walcott scored in the dying minutes of the first half...

What followed the Reading dominance in the fist 45 minutes, was something quite unbelievable and mystifying; the footballing world witnessed the greatest comeback ever. Led by the scintillating Walcott's hatrick, Arsenal cameback with their footballing best. The game contained 8 yellows, 8 normal time goals, 4 added time goals and 4 extra time goals.

Every Reading, Arsenal and footballing fan (in general) was in need over a good sit down after that heart stopper last night. So for tonight's fixtures, we figured we would just take a rest- you know, watch some laid back, freindly-ish football. This is only the League Cup, right?


Instead we were greeted by another League Cup Greatest Game contender. Maybe it was naive of us to think that any game between the Blues and United would be without controversy following Sunday's clash. But who could have predicted Chelsea to come back a total of three times during the match? Let alone, three penalties.

The Chelsea vs United fixture at the Bridge also went to extra time, with the London side exacting some revenge on The Red Devils. The game lacked any of the nasties that plagued the game on Sunday. Instead we witnessed a game which showed why football is known as the beautiful one. It was end to end stuff, with a quality of passing by both sides that resembled something out of a La Liga game. With both teams showing the depth in quality players they both possess.

One must ask themselves if they can remember two games that possessed such quality entertainment and quantity of goals in such short succession before. And we can safely say, we haven't.

And, to think, noone takes the League Cup seriously?

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