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A rainy day for English Football

The farcical circumstances that meant England's latest international was called off.

Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day...

As the children's nursery rhyme goes. A nursery rhyme seems fitting for what unfolded in Warsaw last night. You could have been forgiven for mistaking last night's antics as something out of a child's TV programme; something resembling a Chuckle Brothers episode. 

Yesterday evening Diamond Football predicted a night full of tension, attack and tackles. Instead, we got a roof that doesn't work in the rain, a referee who was intent on trying to roll a football whilst looking as happy as cat in a tsunami and an expert groundsman with a... fork.

Many have demanded an enquiry into what was behind the farce and the match has been rearranged for 4pm (GMT) this evening (although there are doubts the game will get replayed at all).

But the real victims in this comedy are the devoted English fans who had travelled across Europe to watch their team. And are now on there way back to work after being soaked through. So spare a thought for those poor souls.

And lets hope England wash Poland aside tonight...

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