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Olympic Football Promoted by Google Doodle

We celebrated Diamond Football Jubiliee with Queen few weeks ago and today we couldn't resist celebration again.


This time Olympics!

Google football doodle game which celebrates Olympic Tournament and today's bronze medal match on Millennium Stadium between Korea and Japan is what we needed to for this Friday afternoon.

Team GB with 25 Golds and 54 medals in total does great job and we could be only more gratful if our football teams would make it closer to the final.

If they could'nt we thought we will give it a try :-) (we all know office work can wait till Monday).

After testing erlier in July our brand new footballs we knew we can score well even we lack of formal golkeeper's training.

Efect two stars :-)

Anyone had a chance to score three? Let us know

You can play your own game at any point here but trust us you need first training with real equipment to do well in Rio!


Once more all the best for our Great Team GB

Have fun!

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