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Yet Another Takeover - Wave coming again?(Everton News)

With the news of Everton confiming new major shareholder Farhad Moshiri , we look back at ownership takeovers from over the years.

Everton have officially confirmed that Iranian billionnaire Farhad Moshiri is the new major shareholder, owning 49.9% of the club after paying what's estimated to be around £200million. With this news circling the internet, we reflect on the ownership takeovers over the years and how they have impacted the clubs.


There hasn't been a majotr takeover of the club for some years the lastone involving the top club was July 2013 Fulham takeover by Shahid Khan (but currently Fulham is in Chempinship).

Depanding on the Everton fortunes in the coming months we may see another surge of takeovers as we have seen back in 2005 - 2010 period when over 19 major clubs changed ownership. With new TV deals signed we could see new surge in clubs shares takeovers in 2016 and the first signals are from likes of Crystal Palace (deal with American investors).

Club Name Year of the last major Takeover Shares/Sums Involved Premier League Current Position Position in Season Before Takeover Record Transfer Year (paid) Transfer Fee Player Name
Everton 2016 49.9%, £200m  11  N/A 2014 £28m (5yr.) Romelu Lukaku
QPR 2011 66%, £35m 20 N/A (CH) 2013 £12.5m (4.5yr.)

Christopher Samba

Arsenal 2011 32%, £239m 3 3 2013 £38.2m Mesut Ozil
Blackburn 2010 99,9%, £43m N/A 16 2012 £8m (4yr.) Jordan Rhodes
Liverpool 2010 100%, £300m 8 7 2011 £35m Andy Carroll
West Ham 2010 60%, £60.5m 6 9 2013 £15m Andy Carroll
Crystal Palace 2010 100%, £30m 14 N/A 2015 £10m Yohan Cabaye
10 other major takeovers incl. Men City Aston Villa Newcastle and more...      
Men Utd 2005 100%, £790m 5 3 2015 £54m Kevin De Bruyne
Chelsea 2003 100%, £140m 10 6 2011 £50m Fernando Torres



Will this transfer be good news for Everton? Follow us and let us know on @fitforfootball.

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