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UEFA 16 - First matches

All games of the first leg of the knockout stage are finished! From three Premier League teams only Men City secured two goals advantage over Dynamo Kyiv.

Both Chelsea and Arsenal must put their act together if they think about the further advance in the UEFA Champions League. For Arsenal, it means they need to put at least as much fight as Juventus did in the second part of their first match with Bayern while it would be advisable for Chelsea to show as good execution as good as the one presented @ Stamford Bridge on Sunday when they smashed MCFC 5:1.
While Juve vs. Bayern produced a lot of football excitement PSV and Atletico should certainly rethink their strategies for the return leg match in Madrid on 15th of March and just put more soul into the "tactical drawing" they played tonight.
The 2nd leg of the knockout stage will be played in the second and the third week of March.
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