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How about this - 2016 British Football Year!

OK, there must be something in the air hanging there and waiting for us all. Why? Because 2015 is already awesome and there are more amazing moments to come today and in the following weeks.



In music and literature, prelude or praeludium is an intro stage to the big thing that is the main work of an artist for example symphony or opera.
Usually, this prelude sets the mood for the rest of the act, and if it is good there is a great chance the main thing and the finnalé will also be worth listening or reading!
I'm not crazy I know we talk here about football, so how this fits in - we believe our home nations teams play their prelude to 2016!
Yes, believe it or not, this is the one of the best and milestone seasons up to date in the British football history - What?!

- While FA picks the hotel/training grounds for France '16 tournament for England and Mark Sampson does not getting shy ahead of his selection day later today we have all the reasons to be proud of British football in general:

  • If you forgot England Woman's Team made it to the top three this year with The FIFA World Cup bronze in July
  • Among the man, Wales is in the top 10 teams in FIFA ranking ahead of but also together with England (10)!
  • Thanks to their 2015 victories England and Scotland are also in the FIFA top 20 among woman's teams position 5 and 20 respectively in the latest ranking.

- In the European Championship 2016 Qualifiers

  • Northern Ireland is on the top of the Group F ahead of today's match with Hungary later today
  • Wales in Group B is also heading the pack with Belgium one point behind. Although after 0 - 0 draw with Israel last night means they still can not say they are 100% in we know Coleman's team is making history here.
  • England in Group E is already in the finals with its 21 points and the record-breaking goals during latest match with San Marino.
  • Scotland still has a chance to qualify from Group D. Scotland needs to perform very well at home preferably winning with Germans which is not an impossible task and then needs to Win Octobre match with Poland. Hopefully, Rep. Of Ireland team will come along with helpful neighbouring hand beating Poles in Octobre too. It could make both teams advancing (I know a bit of a push here but - it's a beautiful game, and you never know ;-)

We did not have this type of lineup at this stage of the major tournament qualifying games for some time. Awesome as emotions are up there with all five national teams from the British Isles still in the race to get to France 2016.

Also on the personal player's level we can clearly see some good progress:

  • About woman's team, we will learn more today as Mark's Sampson selection is revealed any time now
  • Wayne Rooney is in the high-performance mode and reached a milestone last weekend with 49 goals in England's squad (now equal to Sir Bobby Charlton's record).
  • Although yesterday Gareth Bale and Co struggled to hit the net, he recently scored his 30th goal for Real Madrid during 5-0 win against Real Betis.

On the end, there are all signs on the horizon that 2016 will be out up there with other "6's" in our football history.
- Maybe numerology is not my forte but can't you see it ;-)?

  • In 2016, it will be 50 years since England male team won the world cup.
  • In 2016, it will be 40 years since Wales male team put its best performance in the UEFA European Football Championships - it reached quarter-finals in Yugoslavia
  • In 2016, it will be 30 years since we had three nations in this same major football tournament England, Scotland and Northern Ireland made their way to Mexico World Cup in 1986

Do you believe in our home nation squads? Are new rules for the European Football Championships help more with the engagement of more young players? As a coach what can you say about the impact of home nations' teams performance on your work? Does a good performance in qualifying games for France 2016 tournament means we do something better now on the grassroots level than we did few years ago?

Share and do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts @fitforfootball or on our facebook page



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