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We Celebrate the Diamond (Football) Jubilee

Diamond Football is taking the time to celebrate the queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee,

Diamond Football has uncovered some startling news.


While searching through photo archives we uncovered something unbelievable.


We've all known for a while that Queen Elizabeth II is a football fan. There has been some controversy about which team she supports. Some sources say Arsenal, others West Ham. However no-one has ever found out what her favourite football is... until now.


You can see clearly below Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip having a kick around the grounds of Windsor Castle with Ronald and Nancy Regan with one of our Pro Trainer Footballs.



But that's not all, our beloved monarch has also been partial to a 5 a side game on other state visits. Here's a photo of her first visit to Australia in 1954 having a game with Queensland's Govenor.



That's not all we've found! For more photos of the queen using our equipment check out the photos on our Facebook Page (be sure to like us while you're there).


If you haven't guessed already the photos of the Queen have been manipulated. We're not sure what football is the Queen's favourite, but we hope it's ours!


With just over a week until the Euro 2012 and England proving that they have what it takes in the Norway friendly match last weekend, you can be pretty sure that the England Euro 2012 squad wont be going home early.


If you haven't already make sure you check out our Euro 2012 page. You can download the match fixture table and score chart as well as get the code to embed a countdown to the start of the first Euro 2012 game!

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