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Premier League Countdown: Top 10 Tacticians

To kick off our Premier League countdown here is our top 10 of the best tacticians in the Premier League.

For our countdown for the Premier League we will be releasing a new top 10 every day until the competition kicks off. Our first top 10 is the best tacticians (currently in the league). This list isn't just based on tactical changes during games, this also incorporates tactical play and know-how, below are our top 10.

1. Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) - Probably the league's most tactical manager with his decisions winning him big games last year as well as the title he's our top tactician.

2. Louis Van Gaal (Man Utd) - At the start of the last season Van Gaal tried a range of different tactics but towards the end he got one that worked but isn't afraid to change it during a game against specific opponents.

3. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) - Some may be surprised to see Wenger here, but after discussions with his players last year, he has won key games due to different tactical play styles, most recently the Community Shield.

4. Ronald Koeman (Southampton) - Koeman's Southampton side achieved a good place last season, and will are likely repeat that feat with the fast attacking and pace tactics Koeman employs.

5. Roberto Martinez (Everton) - Martinez has bought some key players over the years to suit his tactics and the recent acquisition of Deulofeu will no doubt improve their performance this year.

6. Claudio Ranieri (Leicester) - Previously Ranieri declared the Premier League one of the most tactical in the World and his second time round looks to be no different, a few tactical suprises from him may stun big opponents this year.

7. Mark Hughes (Stoke) - Some believe Stoke still play the same way, but when looking at Hughes' side, they have switched to a more attacking and skilful play and like Martinez, Hughes buys to improve this tactic even further.

8. Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) - With a clear tactical philosophy, which he employed at all the clubs he's been at, Tottenham will look a threat this season and with more time to buy into his tactics other PL sides should be careful.

9. Quique Flores (Watford) - Flores was known for building a successful Atletico Madrid side and even managed to mastermind beating Real Madrid, the Spaniard is known for throwing up surprises and will have to employ some to keep Watford up this year.

10. Tony Pulis (West Brom) - Pulis may be known as a "hoof it up the pitch" type of manager. But the Welshman plays a clear defensive tactical style of football, although recently he has shocked some with a more attacking tactic being employed going forward.

Do you agree with our Top 10 list of tacticians or we missing something? Let us know on twitter @fitforfootball

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