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What England have achieved for Women's Football

England Women's team has achieved a lot for women's football and dramatically raised the profile of the game. We take a look at exactly what they achieved for Women's Football during their historic World Cup run.

Mark Sampson yesterday stated that the England team will return heroes but they have also achieved a lot for Women's Football as well.

Historic World Cup Run:

In this year's World Cup England's Women made history. Being the first England side male or female to reach the Semi-Finals of a World Cup competition since 1990. Which marked a big occasion for English football as a whole.

Tactical Team Play Style:

Over the course of the tournament Mark Sampson, set about using a tactical team style, that the Lionesses adopted to well. Using the individual talents of players such as set-piece specialist Fara Williams as well as the skill of Fran Kirby to name a few, combined with the team effort during the game to give 100% right to the final whistle. It changed the dynamic of the team, who look all the better for it.

Raising the Profile of the game:

Before the World Cup, many disregarded or were unaware of the Women's England team and their talents. Over the course of the tournament Women's professional football got a huge boost. Many in England tuned in to watch the Semi-Final early this morning and began to become followers of the team themselves. As well as seeing exactly, what women's football has to offer viewers. Both back home in England and across continents many fans enjoyed watching what England brought to the table and that is something this particular side have helped with.

Encouraging more girls to join grassroots:

By raising the profile and generating a strong following at the World Cup. This should in turn encourage more girls, to join at grassroots and academy level. As they have shown a professional, yet personal side to the game which will allow younger players to take inspiration and be encouraged to join their local club/academy such as North Walsham Angels (@NWAngelsLadies) and Bradwell Belles (@BellesLFC), etc.

As we mentioned earlier this Women's side have achieved more than most and have overcome the odds. Mark Sampson and his players should be proud at what they have done, not just for themselves but for Women's Football as a whole. They now move on to play Germany in the 3rd/4th place play-off on Saturday.  

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