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U21 England vs Italy: What went wrong

Many have found themselevs disappointed with England U21s going out last night, while others have argued that it takes time to build a team. We have outlined the main points mentioned as to what went wrong and how the side can be improved for future competitions.

Here are the main reasons fans believe the team went wrong on:

Player Selection:

While the player selection always causes an issue. Some have suggested that more experienced players such as the likes of Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley, Oxlaide-Chamberlin, Eric Dier and Luke Shaw (all eligible to play for the U21s national side). Should have been selected, and that this would have helped England in the long run. Although both Kane and Redmond were selected who have made appearances for their national side.


England U21s have had relatively little time to spend together as a group of players, therefore some of the communication principles that exist in more experienced sides didn't come out, during the U21s matches.

Play Style:

The U21s side looked to dominate the game. Which they were able to do in midfield. But during the final third England's forwards seemed to be missing something as they were snatching at chances, many of which went well wide. Although Nathan Redmond did get a good late goal. While the Italians were able to sit back, defend and counter attack.

England lost their match to Italy 3-1 which due to other results sent both sides home. The England side have disappointed many, but should this type of pressure really be placed on an U21 side that bettered their previous tournament performance and have shown some great talent over the competition.

What are your views on England U21s and how could they be improved? Tweet us @fitforfootball.

-Disclaimer: These views are not and do not reflect the opinion of Diamond Football, all are based on arguments that have been expressed by fans in the press since last night.

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