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WWC 2015: Cote D'Ivoire vs Norway Match Preview

Tonight the Ivory Coast take on Norway in their final game of Group B. The Ivory Coast need to secure the three points if they are to have any hope of qualifying but a tough Norway side stands in their way.

The sides for tonight's game go into the match in very different circumstances. With Norway not having lost a match and looking to take the top spot, and the Ivory Coast bottom of the group having suffered two defeats so far.

Clementine Toure (the Ivory Coast) manager will hope her team has learned from their previous two games, after losing the Germany and Thailand respectively. But knows they will have to be on top form to avoid defeat against Norway.

Even Pellerud will no doubt be expecting to win tonight's game. However, he knows that the Ivory Coast side have nothing to lose and his side will have to be weary of counter-attacks, if they are to come away with the win. No doubt dominating the possession will be Pellerud's play style of choice.

The Ivory Coast will be throwing everything at Norway tonight as they know that the three points are vital. But this could hamper their chances by sending so many forward, which they could leave themselves exposed at the back so they will be cautious to avoid a repeat of their result against Germany.

Our Prediction: 4-1 Norway.

What do you think tonight's score will be? Tell us on twitter @fitforfootball using our dedicated hashtag #wwc15df.

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