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We Care About the Beautiful Game

As you have probably heard there has been a large corruption scandal involving FIFA and this will likely have an impact on the entire footballing world.

Earlier this week 14 officials and marketing executives from FIFA have been indicted on corruption charges after an investigation by US authorities.

The indictments have shaken the World of football to its very core, with at least three of those indicted, suspected to have had direct involvement with the 2018 Russia World Cup bid and the 2022 Qatar World Cup bid.

After investigations have been completed the officials' accused will be extradited to the US to face the charges.

So for all of you who are like us, only spectators we have decided to highlight key events of the last few days.

Please note at the time of writing this article the FIFA presidential election will still take place later today.

Wednesday 27th

- 14 high ranking FIFA officials got arrested

- First voices for the FIFA president Sepp Blatter to step down ahead of today's election

Thursday 28th

- FIFA World congress opens in Zurich (Sepp Blatter talks about corruption in opening speech)

- Michel Platini has stated that UEFA may have a vote on pulling of FIFA should Blatter get re-elected.

- FA Chairman Gregg Dyke claiming to Sky Sports that should Blatter there may be a question raised on members of UEFA boycotting the 2018 Russia World Cup (Read more from Sky here)

- Major sponsors including VISA and Adidas Coca-Cola along with others like Budweiser and McDonalds who pay about £120mln in annual advertising contracts release their statements with concerns

Friday 29th

- Second day of FIFA world congress FIFA president election to happen later today

As a company with its history in grassroots, we are deeply saddened by the whole situation.

We are against corruption and want to ensure the beautiful game remains beautiful. Unfortunately we, like you will have to sit back and wait to see what happens next while authorities of different countries and football governing organisations try to deal with this crisis.

To cheer you up and with focus on the beautiful game we have prepared a few interesting things related to Women's World Cup 2015 in Canada.

Stay tuned for some cool stuff coming your way!

Keep Calm and Kick that Ball! Why not try a Pro-Trainer ;-)

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