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Will Premier League Money Reach Grassroots?

It was confirmed yesterday that the Premier League TV rights for 2016 - 2019 have reached a whopping £5.136 billion. But will any of this reach grassroots football?

While Premier League clubs enjoy their TV rights deal from both Sky and BT. At £5.136 billion, £2.118 billion more than last year.  Many wonder what this will mean for Grassroots football.

At the beginning the Premier League promised the UK Government 5% of TV rights would go to grassroots. Which under the current agreement (2013-2016) would equate to around £301,800,000 which doesn't seem to have reached grassroots football.

However, the Premier League say they have invested "£56m in grassroots football in each of the last 3 seasons". Which has made a difference to clubs up and down the country.

Essentially grassroots provides the managers, players and football for the future and if the money is invested wisely it will help to improve the game as a whole.

What are your views on the deal, should the Premier League invest more in grass roots and if so where should this be spent? Let us know on Twitter @fitforfootball.

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