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Diamond at the NSCAA Convention

This year we will be heading the 68th annual NSCAA Convention. We enjoyed our time there so much last year we are heading there again to meet familiar faces and some new ones to.

This year we will be returning to Philadelphia, to participate in the 2015 NSCAA Convention: "For the love of the Game".

Last year we enjoyed our first step into the American football (soccer) market by attending the convention. The NSCAA convention is the largest of its kind in North America. Which includes over 10,000 attendees and is spread over 5 days. The full programme of the convention includes demonstrations, lectures, networking opportunities and exhibitors (which is where we will be!).

This year we are at booth 1148 and look forward to seeing you there. The exhibit hall itself showcases over 300 exhibitors and shows just how big football (soccer) has got in the USA. Below are some pictures of our experience last year.

We hope this year will be just as exciting if not more exciting than previous years and hope to make some new friends. If you would like to see where we will be and who else will be exhibiting at the convention see the exhibit hall plan here. For more information on this year's going on at the NSCAA convention visit their website here.

Remember we are booth 1148 so come and say hello! If you would like to keep up to date with our NSCAA experience then follow our twitter, @fitforfootball

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