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Man City vs Liverpool - Would Balotelli have made a difference?

Liverpool lost 3-0 to Man City yesterday. But would new signing Mario Balotelli have made a difference in the result?

Liverpool had a rude awakening yesterday after rivals Manchester City beat them 3-0.

Despite starting well, Liverpool were taken aback when Stevan Jovetic scored in the 40th minute after he stole the ball from new Liverpool signing Alberto Moreno. Jovetic then scored again in the 54th minute after a nice lay-off from Nasri.

Sergio Aguero made things go from bad to worse for Liverpool, as he scored within 23 seconds of coming on the pitch. Ricky Lambert helped Liverpool get their first goal of the game after a great flick from Daniel Sturridge.

But could the outcome have been different if Liverpool had been able to use new signing Balotelli? Balotelli turned up to the game to watch as he was unable to play due to being signed so close to the match. Balotelli may have started instead of Sterling or Coutinho, alongside Sturridge and aided in scoring more goals.

However, many would argue that the fault lies with the new members of the back four Dejan Lovren and Alberto Moreno, rather than the Liverpool forwards

The new back four members seemed, unused to the way Liverpool play, especially Lovren who on City's third goal was in the wrong position and could have stopped the ball through to Aguero had he been further back, (that being said Liverpool's whole defence probably should have been further back to help out their team mate).

What are your views on the game, would Balotelli have made a difference in the result? Or are Liverpool's defence to blame? Tell us your thoughts on our Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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