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Brazil vs Germany: What went wrong - Tactical Analysis

The whole world was shocked yesterday after Brazil were destroyed 7-1 by Germany. We take a look at the tactics and defending that caused Brazil to suffer one of the biggest losses in their history.

Going in to the game Brazil looked like they were playing on national pride rather than tactics and team-cohesion but it had got them this far. So what caused their catastrophic defeat?

To begin two of Brazil's most important players captain Thiago Silva and hero Neymar were missing from the game. The first with a yellow card suspension and the second with injury. This meant Dante and Bernard were starting in their place. Although the last time Brazil had both Silva and Neymar were missing they lost their Quarter final match, during the 2010 World Cup against Holland.


The first goal was scored from a corner as Muller managed to get away from David Luiz. They then opened themselves up for the second goal after they allowed Muller to touch Kroos' pass in the box, to Klose who then despite being initially denied scored the second. 

Once the first two went in Brazil seemed to collapse, as Lahm's ball, made it through the box (even with 6 Brazil players being in there) to a completely unmarked Kroos who scored Germany's third. Almost immediately after Toni Kroos realised that he could pressure Fernando into giving the ball away to Khedira who returned the favour with a nice one-two so Kroos could slot it past Julio Cesar. 

The fifth goal was scored three minutes later when one of the German defense ran from the back through both David Luiz and Luiz Gustavo leaving the Germans three on three with the remainder of Brazil's defense, after some quick passing Khedira finished the move.

During the second half Scolari made two subs, Paulinho and Ramires who made a good impact after they both had chances. Although this still didn't stop Germany's attack, with more quick passing from Germany they managed to get the ball to Schurrle who scored. Although Brazil's defense looked slightly more organised for this move the German's still had no one marking them when the goal was scored. 

The seventh and final Germany goal was the only goal more down to luck than Brazil's defensive issues after Schurrle scored a wonderful finish in the top left corner.

Through an accurate pass Oscar was able to get a consolation for Brazil with a good finish to score their only goal.


Many knew that Brazil would struggle against one of the top sides in the tournament, as the home nation seemed to lack any organisation which worked going forward (as defenders didn't know what they would do) but turned out woefully in defence and Germany capitalised on it. Also it appears Brazil's starting line up of Defensive midfielders should have been changed with Paulinho and Ramires starting instead of Luiz Gustavo and Fernando.

Brazil will reflect heavily on going out in this fashion but we think they will be ready to bounce back in Russia 2018 although, they will have to undergo a complete tactical change, improve their organisational skills and teamwork before their ready. 

So what were your thoughts on the game and do you think Brazil can ever come back from this defeat? Tell us your thoughts on twitter or through our facebook and Google plus.

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