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How Fair is Financial Fair Play

After City were hit with a £50m fine and PSG supposedly hit with £20m fine plus other sanctions, we take a look at how fair are the UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules.

The Financial Fair Play rules were introduced by Uefa in order to encourage making football clubs more profitable and to give lesser teams a chance in both the Champions League and Europa League.

The biggest rule within Financial Fair play is that clubs have to avoid a €5m loss or more over 3 seasons, (Of course this is provided the Owner isn't injecting equity, which then means the losses can be up to €45m over three seasons). Should teams breach these rules, a group called The Club Financial Control Body or CFCB will decide on anything up to 9 punishments they can give the club. Which range from limiting squad sizes to fines.

This is the first year that clubs will receive their punishment for breaching financial fair play rules. So far we have heard about City receiving a huge fine of up to €50m and PSG receiving a possible €20m fine and both may be facing a limit on squad size for the next Champions League.

But is this really fair, obviously if the clubs were reaching the semi-finals of the competition and beating anyone in their way, it would be. However, this season City didn't make it past the last 16 and PSG made it to the Quarter Finals and both clubs have never won the Champions League. If they were given squad restrictions for next season this would give them even less of a chance of winning the trophy.

Tell us your thoughts, do you think the financial fair play rules are unfair and limit teams or are they the right gesture to keep clubs in line. Tweet us  @fitforfootball or contact us on Google Plus or Facebook. For a look at UEFA's financial fair play rules visit their  website here.

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