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Did anyone see it coming?

Last night the Champions of Europe Bayern Munich were knocked out by an emphatic Real Madrid side.

The second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich took place last night. But no one would have predicted a 4-0 Bayern defeat.

The game started with high intensity and pace with Real Madrid closing down each Bayern player with around three of their own. This slowed down later on, with Munich holding 69% possession.

Proving that, possession didn't really matter Sergio Ramos scored two from set pieces. Ronaldo then scored from an 11 second counter attack (starting from when Real won the ball) with a setup from Bale. Ronaldo rounded off the scoring with a signature free kick.

Last night Bayern's defence crumbled against Real. But the biggest factor in the defeat was Thiago's holding roll, as he was out injured for the semi-final, this job was left to Toni Kroos in both legs and while he is an upcoming talent clearly he wasn't use to the role as he couldn't feed Robben and Ribery with the accuracy they are used to.

Now Real progress to the final, facing either Mourinho's Chelsea or Simeone's Atlético Madrid

Did you see the result coming? After this who do you think will win the Champions League, tweet us your answer @fitforfootball using #RM For Real, #CFC for Chelsea and #AM for Atlético.

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