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Weekend Review

This weekend we saw a number of entertaining and energetic games which have shaken up the league positions from last week.

This weekend saw a number of crucial games both a the top and bottom of the table, which now paints a very different picture to last weekend. Here are our top 5 games from the weekend:

Man Utd 4-1 Aston Villa: As some supporters choose to give a message to Moyes via plane that he didn't have the support of everyone at Old Trafford. Other supporters gave the complete opposite as they cheered their side to a 4-1 comeback, after going 1-0 down, with Rooney, Mata and Hernandez all scoring.

West Brom 3-3 Cardiff: This match turned out to be one of the most exciting this weekend, with both teams fighting for survival and the players giving their all. With an injury time goal from Thievey West Brom thought they had won it, but they certainly didn't see Daehli's 95th minute equaliser coming. After which both managers claimed to each other "Unbelievable".

Crystal Palace 1-0 Chelsea: No one saw this result coming. Although normally known for his tactics Mourinho was outwitted by his counter-part as Pulis came out on top during the game. As we saw Crystal Palace force Chelsea to play through the middle, which worked as Chelsea were completely ineffective during the game. This was a big result for Palace as they have now moved 5 points clear of relegation. 

Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham: After Chelsea lost and City only managed a draw Liverpool knew they had to step up. Which they did in fine form after they beat a downbeat Tottenham side 4-0. With eight straight wins in the Premier League Liverpool are now top of the table and will be hoping to win the title for the first time since 1990.

Arsenal 1-1 Man City: With both teams challenging for the title Arsenal and Man City both played attacking football. But after Arsenal's 6-0 loss to Chelsea they were determined to improve their defending which they did successfully as the game resulted in a draw. Although City are now 4 points behind Liverpool with two games in hand and Arsenal are 7points behind.

With some big results at the bottom and top of the table we're asking who do you think will stay up or go down? Tell us on Twitter, our Facebook and our Google Plus.

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