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Where to buy tickets for Brazil 2014

World Cup tickets for Brazil 2014 who's selling them and how to get them.

With Brazil only a few months away and a small number of tickets still available we look into where fans can get them. The first notable bit of information is that outside Brazil you can only buy category 1, 2 & 3 tickets. They rank in terms of price with category 1 being the closest, most expensive seats and category 3 being cheaper but further away from the pitch.

So far the only official vendor for purchasing tickets outside of Brazil is through the FIFA website. We are currently waiting for the phase two section of ticket sales which lasts from 12th March - 1st April and will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

If you end up buying tickets last minute, they have set up a phase for that as well, which lasts from 15th April - 13th July where you can buy tickets online or at special ticketing venues in Brazil. These are FIFAs rules but we're sure there will be other sites allowed to sell tickets as the World Cup draws closer.

If you do buy from another site here is what to look out for:

  1. Are they a reputable site, viagogo for example
  2. Do they use a secure connection - For example when you log in to buy it should display https in the url not http
  3. Has the site got a lock in the top left which indicates an SSL certificate(check to see if it's verified by clicking on the lock)

If you want to apply for tickets visit the FIFA website. The sales phases of tickets page can be found here. Good luck searching and enjoy the Brazil World Cup!

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