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Is Personality Important for winning?

With Mourinho's comments on his team lacking personality against West Brom we have a look at whether personality is the key for winning?

Yesterday saw Chelsea only gain a point thanks to an 87th minute equaliser from Anichebe. Mourinho's commented after the game "we lacked personality".

This got us thinking is personality important for winning. As we know that Chelsea have the skill but Mourinho clearly thought a lack of personality was what lost them two points. Pepe Mel inspired his team with personality and that allowed Anichebe to score late on to rescue a draw.

Another team that has been awash with personality is West Ham who have racked up three straight wins, with bags of personality coming from captain Kevin Nolan.

In contrast Norwich have showed personality but this doesn't always seem to be enough, as they lost to West Ham and Cardiff two crucial games in the bottom half of the table. Not forgetting that they did achieve a draw against Manchester City in between.

We want to know is personality the key to winning football games or is it the skills and tactics of players that drive teams to win? Let us know on Twitter using the #dfpersonality or #dftactics, unless you think it's a combination of both or other factors just tweet us @fitforfootball.

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