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Premier League Shocks

Amid a weekend of premier league shocks we review what happened and why. 

This weekend we saw a number of premier league shocks over the games played. With the premier league table taking shape it was only a matter of time before these shocks began to happen here is our review of the games (what happened and why):

Swansea v Cardiff: 3 - 0

With the Welsh derby it's always been a tight affair. However, this time Cardiff were blown out of the water by a tight-knit possession football Swansea. With new manager Gary Monk in charge the Swans took the game to their rivals. We believe that this was down to the impact of new manager Gary Monk who claims "Cardiff win is my proudest moment".

Manchester United v Fulham: 2-2

During the game Moyes looked distraught after his side were down 1-0 up to the 80th minute, in which United's confidence was restored after United scored 2. Their luck soon changed when Darren Bent scored in stoppage time. We believe Rene Meulensteen knew how to keep United out of the game, but he was undone when United scored twice, although Fulham willingness to fight for the point was reflected in the whole Fulham team.

Crystal Palace vs West Brom:3-1

On Saturday Crystal Palace beat West Brom 3-1. Many were expecting this to be a West Brom win but clearly Pulis' new signings impacted on the day with Tom Ince and Joe ledley both scoring. Although the penalty at the end was debatable, Crystal Palace on the day were the better side.

Liverpool v Arsenal: 5-1:

This was the biggest shock of the whole weekend as we knew Liverpool had an SAS but not an SASAS and none of them were Suarez. Arsenal fell apart at Anfield after the first three goals this was down to the speed, pressing and finishing that Liverpool had yet Arsenal seemed to lack.

With a range of shocks and the top four now quite different to last weekend, we're predicting the top four will be 1.Chelsea, 2.City, 3.Arsenal, 4.Liverpool. Who do you think will finish in the top four this season? Let us know on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google plus.

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