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World Cup draw poignant in the wake of Mandela death

The draw for the FIFA World Cup finals this evening will be poignant as it take place the day after Nelson Mandela's death. It seems fitting that the last World Cup the anti-Apartheid leader witnessed was in his home country, South Africa.

Usually on the day of a World Cup draw, only football would grace the front and back pages of the world's newspapers. However one story raises in importance above all else - and that is, of course, the passing of Nelson Mandela.

News broke yesterday evening that the anti-Apartheid leader had passed away. South Africa, along with the rest of the world, are now in mourning.

There is something significantly poignant and sad about the 2014 Brazil World Cup draw taking place a day after Mandela's death because the last World Cup was hosted by his country South Africa (2010 World Cup).

Along with this, however, it is uplifting to think that the last World Cup the great man did witness was in the country that he had given so much to and helped recover from the segregation that haunted the land for decades.

Looking ahead to next year's tournament, Roy Hodgson has claimed that England do not fear any other side.

If England were to be drawn in Pot 2, they could face favourites Brazil, Italy, Argentina or the Netherlands. The draw will take place from 16:30 GMT.

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